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Welcome to American Jury Research

American Jury Research is the recruiting division of Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Inc. founded in 1978 as one of the pioneering jury consulting firms in the US.

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AJR is dedicated to excellence in recruiting representative mock jurors and focus group participants in venues across the nation to provide the highest quality research for Tsongas’ consultants and clients.

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  • What is a Mock Trial?
    A mock trial is an abbreviated version of a real trial – usually conducted in one day. Mock jurors are brought together in a large group to observe presentations of each side of a legal case - plaintiff and defense in civil cases, or prosecution and defense in criminal cases. A presentation of the facts, issues, testimony and evidence is given to support each party’s side of the case. After the presentations, mock jurors break into groups, or "juries," and each jury deliberates separately to a verdict. Following the jury deliberations, a facilitator leads the jury through an interview to explore issues that affected the verdict and to learn about other information of interest.
  • What is a Focus Group?
    Focus groups are conducted to explore issues related to a particular legal issue or case. A group of people who are demographically representative from a specific area are assembled to provide feedback on a specific set of topics, often divided into multiple discussion segments. Feedback is given in surveys and interviews. During the interviews, a researcher, referred to as the Facilitator, leads the participants through a focused discussion exploring related issues, arguments, themes, evidence, and/or witness testimony.
  • Is this legitimate?
    In today's day and age, American Jury Research understands that it can be difficult to trust an unsolicited invitation to a research project. Rest assured, American Jury Research is not a "scam.” American Jury Research is a reputable company who has been conducting legal research across the country for over 25 years. Our role is to find quality individuals from a particular area who would be qualified for an actual jury trial to participate in a legal research project. We will compensate you for your participation and feedback. The tens of thousands of people who have participated in our projects have told us they have enjoyed the experience and felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions with us. 
  • How do I participate on a project?
    For a remote project, you will be required to have a laptop or tablet (not a smart phone) to participate on the Zoom platform and complete online surveys. Your laptop or tablet must have: (1) a camera turned on so we can see you are observing the project, (2) speakers (if you are alone) or headphones to listen to the project, and (3) a microphone so we can get your feedback in real time. For an in-person project, you will meet at a local facility. Food and beverages will be provided throughout the day. Parking will be validated or reimbursed. You will need a charged smart phone or tablet to complete electronic surveys.
  • How do I get paid?
    At the completion of the research project, you will be paid through a digital gift card service where you will select how you want to claim payment by one of three options. A physical Visa gift card, an online Visa gift card, or a gift card from one of nearly 90 companies.
  • Can I sign up to be in a Mock Trial or Focus Group?
    YES! Please complete the information on the Contact Us page, and we will reach out to you for the next research project we have in your area.
  • How did you get my phone number for a Mock Trial or Focus Group?
    Jurors who receive a Random Digit Dial phone call are reached through a randomly generated list of phone numbers from a particular area code. Our staff is trained, supervised, and experienced in Random Digit Dial recruitment procedures. This is how someone who has a no solicitation for their phone number, or an unlisted number, can still be contacted by American Jury Research - your number was randomly generated. Any personal information provided will not be sold and only used by American Jury Research.

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AJR has recruited tens of thousands of participants from throughout the country for more than 30 years and has been recognized for its consistent excellence. Our recruiters have a combined experience of 26 years in recruiting participants for our mock trials and litigation-related focus groups.

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Thank you for your interest in American Jury Research. We facilitate Focus Groups and Mock Trials across the country. You can earn good money for your feedback and participation!  


If you would like to participate in one of our legal research projects, please fill out your contact details and someone from American Jury Research will reach out to you for the next research project in your area. 

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